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Jon. w
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I thought that at one time the white crested cuckoo was in the APA what has chainged 


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The white crested cuckoo has never been iin the APA standard.  In 1998, when we put the bantams in the ABA standard, there were very few large cuckoo polish in the country. The APA wanted both large and bantam admitted at the same time and there were just not enough large to accompliish this.   In the early 1990's, I sent a very large cuckoo bantam to someone, I don't remember who, on the west coast.  I think they bred him to a large fowl white crested black and started the large fowl.

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Thomas Dean
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There are still some large WC cuckoo floating around.  A friend gave me 2 WC cuckoo cockbirds last weekend, and I also got a frizzled WC cuckoo that is 3/4 large, 1/4 bantam from a club member.  The bantam blood is from a project to move chocolate into large fowl.

I hope to be rearing some WC cuckoo from these roosters paired with Lg WC Black hens next spring.

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