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J. Hoffman
Posts: 154

Polish, Largefowl:

Nonbearded Buff Lace

Nonbearded Gold Lace

Bearded Gold Lace

White Crested Cuckoo

occassional projects


Polish, Bantam:


Buff Columbian

Black Tail Red

White Lace Red

occassional projects


American Gamefowl:

Muffed Light Red

Spangle Light Red

Spangle Clay

Light Red


occassional colors like Black Grey, Birchen Duckwing, Orange Red, and Brown Breasted Brown Red



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Posts: 5

Do you sell day old chciks from your white crested cuckoo?  or possibly hatching eggs?

May 5, 2009 at 6:35 PM Flag Quote & Reply

J. Hoffman
Posts: 154

I don't sell chicks or eggs but do sell started birds half grown or older. I breed half my colors each year, bred the cuckoos last year so I'm not planning on breeding them this year. I might have a wc cuckoo hen or pullet I'd part with though and could set up a trio involving a cuckoo female and a pair of wc blacks.

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J. Hoffman
Posts: 154


I've downsized and as of 2011 only carry the following in limited numbers:

Largefowl Polish:

nonbearded buff lace

nonbearded gold lace

white crested cuckoo

Bantam Polish:


American Gamefowl:

Wheaton Spangle

Clay Spangle



I've relocated to Minnesota and am looking to get a small farm going up here, so I may not hatch for the 2011 season. 


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