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Buff Laced Polish (Bearded and non Bearded)


The Buff Lace comes in either non bearded or bearded.

The comb, face and wattles on the non bearded should be bright red with a slate blue beak and white ear lobes.

The bearded should have rich golden buff beard feathers with creamy white lace.  The beard should extend to and hide the ears.  The bearded should not have much of a comb (non-existant being better) or wattles.

The male has golden buff neck, back and saddle feathers laced with the creamy white.

As in all varieties, the male's tail is very important. It is a large fanned extended tail with a 45 degree angle. The female has a fanned tail with a 40 degree angle.  Both are golden buff with creamy white lace.

The bows on the wings are a golden buff with a tendancy for lacing while the coverts have each feather laced with the creamy white lacing widest at the ends forming two well-defined wing-bars. The primary wing feathers are golden buff, the outer end having an edging of creamy white.

The breast and body are a golden buff with creamy white lacing. The fluff is light buff.

The shanks and toes are slate blue.

The crest on the cockerel is a creamy white with buff lacing and after first moult will be a golden buff laced with creamy white. The shape of feathers are pointed sex feathers.

The pullet crest is a creamy white until, after the first moult, should be golden buff laced with creamy white. The shape of the pullet crest is round on top and should be very dense.  A split crest or lopsided crest should be shunned. 


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