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Tolbunt Polish


A group of very dedicated individuals are working towards getting the Tolbunt variety of Polish accepted by the
American Poultry Association. The variety is already accepted in Germany and it is their standard description
that is guiding our American breeders to fine tune these birds.
The German Standard

HAHN and HENNE fast gleich gefarbt. Die Gefiederfarbe ist auf 50 Prozent hellrot­braun bis dunkelockerfarbig and zu je 25 Prozent schwarz and weif3 auf den Federn unregelmaBig gezeichnet (gemasert) and uber den ganzen Korper gleichmMig ver­teilt. Federn uberwiegend mit schwarzem Rand. Haube, Schwingen and Schwanz zei­gen mehr WeiBanteil. Einzelne rein weil3e Handschwingen gestattet. Untergefieder graubraun.

Lauffarbe fleischfarbig bis blaugrau, bei Fleischfarbigen einzelne dunkle Schuppen gestattet, bei Blaugrauen helle Sohle.

Augenfarbe rotbraun.

Grobe Fehler: Rein weil3e Federn im Kor­pergefieder; breite, schwarze Rundumsau­mung


The translated English Standard

ROOSTER and HEN almost equal in color. The plumage color is at 50 percent pale red to dark ocher and 25 percent black with 25% white on the feathers irregularly drawn (textured) and equally divided and distributed over the entire body. Feathers predominantly with black border. Crest, wings and tail show more white. Individual purely white primaries allowed. Under gray-brown plumage.
Toes and Shanks: Running flesh-colored to blue-gray color, allows individual dark colored scales for meat, light blue with gray sole.
Eye color: brown.
Severe faults: Pure white feathers all over the body; wide black lacing all over the body.
Weights: Cock 2-2.5kg (4lbs 6oz to 5.5lbs), 1.5-2kg (3lbs 5oz to 4lbs 6oz) hen. Hatching Minimum Weight: 48g (1.5oz), color of shell eggs: pale off-white. Band sizes: 18 Cock, Hen 16

Interested in joining the efforts of these breeders?

 Contact Courtney DuChame  [email protected] or Gretchen Bare  [email protected]


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